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TATTOO TICKET - One Time Permission

TATTOO TICKET - One Time Permission

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A listing that lets you support me as an artist, and let you get a fun tattoo on your cute little bods~

This tattoo ticket listing gives your SINGLE USE PERMISSION to use ONE of my designs for your PERSONAL tattoo! You can find my work at @gremren on IG/twitter/Tiktok. You will not receive a physical/digital item with your order, but this instead acts as a way for me to ok your tattoo as the original artist, and for you to be polite and very sexy πŸ’–

✨Please write in the order note which design of mine you're planning to get tattoo'd ✨

Once ordered, I will message you on Etsy, just to confirm that the design you're after is not a commissioned piece (this should be clear through the description/caption, but I'm happy to clarify anything for you!!).

Buying this listing does NOT give you, or anyone else permission to use ANY of my work in a commercial manner. This listing is for a single personal use only, and does not act as permission to make money off of my designs!

Multiple tattoos require multiple purchases.

Please credit me as the original artist when showing your tattoo off! It's polite and incredibly cool of you to do πŸ’•

DO NOT buy this ticket if you are interested in a custom tattoo design! Please check my IG/Twitter bio to see if I'm open for commissions, and if so, please email me at

Thank you, and happy tattooing!! πŸ’ƒβœ¨

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