How Lovely To Be Calico Cat Tote - 100% Cotton Tote Bag

Hi, I'm Renata! Professional artist, product designer, and colour expert.

Found around town and online as Gremren, I'm an animal lover, and professional independent artist from Melbourne, Australia. Best known for my work with Acrylic Paint Pens and Rug Making, I primarily focuses on creating pieces with vibrant colour palettes and a playful sense of whimsey.

I enjoy juxtaposing these with a natural subject matter to create a fun and colourful view of the world. Spending my daysΒ creating these vibrant designs, I share them to social media, while sending my little critters all across the globe. Whether I'm working on paper, wood, fabric, or paint swatches, my distinctive use of colour always visually ties everything I design together!