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Lavender Lake - Original Handmade Rug

Lavender Lake - Original Handmade Rug

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A portal to another world 💜✨

- Original, handmade piece of art
- Made using a rug tufting gun, with acrylic yarn, primary rug fabric and non-slip backing fabric
- Non-slip backing fabric adhered to rug with spray adhesive and hot glue
- 730mm long by 830mm wide

Great as a mini rug, table decoration, or even wall hanging!! (*ノ・ω・)ノ✨

NOTE: This rug is 🔥🔥SPOT CLEAN ONLY🔥🔥, and ✨HAS MOUNTING RINGS PRE-INSTALLED✨!!!! Prepare felt pieces to place underneath if you plan to place this on hardwood floors, the rings may scratch your flooring.

These photos were taken on a sunny day. While I've tried my best to adjust these photos to represent the colours, please understand that there may be a slight difference between what you see on your screen, and how the product looks in real life.

Shipped with tracking internationally.

© 2023 Gremren Designs. All rights reserved. Usage, reproduction, or altering of artwork is not permitted without permission. Each piece of artwork is intellectual property and is protected by copyright law. If you use this piece to reproduce new artwork I WILL come for you and I WILL start swinging.

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