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Indulge A Little Rat Mini Print

Indulge A Little Rat Mini Print

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You deserve your joy 🐀🍓

- Square (120 x 120mm) size
- 350GSM Silk Paper Stock
- Logo on backside

‼️SHIPPED FROM AUSTRALIA WITHOUT TRACKING BY DEFAULT!!!! Please upgrade your shipping for tracking/faster transit times.
Australia: 1-3 weeks
New Zealand & Oceania: 2-6 weeks
Everywhere else: 1.5-4 months

Designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia.
© 2023 Gremren Designs. All rights reserved. Usage, reproduction, or altering of artwork is not permitted without permission. Each piece of artwork is intellectual property and is protected by copyright law. If you use this piece to reproduce new artwork I WILL come for you and I WILL start swinging.

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