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Goofy Gang Square Print

Goofy Gang Square Print

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I feel like these three would make a rly good sitcom 🔥✨

This is an 148 x 148mm (square) print, on 350gsm smooth stock, with a smooth touch matte finish on the art side. Shine free, with no glare!!

7/4/20: **PLEASE NOTE that due to significant international flight cancellations, orders from OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA will experience major delays! Either be cool with waiting potentially a few months for your order, or buy more expensive shipping (both my upgrades have tracking), because I can't do anything once your order is out of my hands! Thank you all so much for understanding.

Shipped by without tracking or insurance. Please read my shipping policies for more information!
NON-AUSTRALIAN ESTIMATE: 2-4 months (thank u covid 🙃)

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