Paint Swatch Art
Paint Pens on Paint Swatch Cards
In an effort to find an affordable and eye-catching canvas, I began experimenting with paint pens on paint swatch cards. Due to the pre-determined main colour and small size, it gave me some really interesting parameters to creatively wrestle with.
This format was incredibly rewarding for me to work with, and ended up becoming one of my largest bodies of collective work. It's something I still go back to when I'm low on ideas and want to illustrate something.
Coaster Designs
Paint Pens on Primed Cardboard Circles
In an effort to find more small and accessible surfaces to illustrate on, I turned to these free cardboard coasters I would get in the mail. The different frame shape of these coasters gave a breath of fresh air to paint swatch format when the original squares were getting a bit stale.
Small Paint Pen Pieces
Posca Paint Pens on Paper
Fun creative exercises in my standard sketchbook. I always get so much pleasure from the bold and vibrant finish of paint pens, so I have no shortage of work made using this medium :)
Monthly Patreon Designs
Paint Pens on Paper
Work created with the express purpose of fulfilling a monthly mail subscription on Patreon. These traditional illustrations would have to be repurposed as both a square postcard print, and two individual vinyl stickers, so those deliverables were always considered during the creative process.
Large Paint Pen Art
Paint Pens on Paper
While my illustrations are more commonly done on a smaller scale, I'm always happy to create larger art pieces when the time and resources allow for it.
Wood Slice Art
Paint Pens on Wooden Slices
Working on a different canvas material is great to flex some underutilised muscles in your brain. For these, I had to seriously consider the overall composition to create something visually effective in such a small format.
Rainbow Pencil Art
Rainbow Pencils on Paper
I derive so much joy from taking a creative product traditionally thought of as a children's play thing, and using it in a more serious illustrative capacity. Here I've taken rainbow pencils, a tool traditionally given to kids to doodle with, and created a range of spot illustrations with them. Their vibrancy and unpredictable nature is part of the charm!
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