Australian Bananas
Craft Reel Collab - Apr 2023
Working with Australian Bananas, the brief was to create a 30 second Instagram Reel, showing how bananas gave people energy to do what they love. In my case, the premise was that bananas gave me the fuel to create a punch needle design. The banana dog was a custom design for this project.
In-Store Live Customisations - Jan 2023
Set in three The TRYBE stores (Weribee, Highpoint, and Fountain Gate), the brief for this collaboration was to offer live in-store shoe customisations to walk-in customers. A set "flash sheet" was provided for inspiration, but a lot of creative liberties were taken when discussing designs between the customers and artist.
Themed Art Subscription Box & Magazine Content - June 2022
A collaboration which involved me making exclusive content for a monthly art subscription box, using the materials supplied in that specific months box. Another requirement was to provide both visual and written content for the "ScrawlrZine", showing examples of my work, and filling out interview questions to give Scrawlrbox customers an insight into my creative process.
Life Of Colour Pens
Live Art Demo & Social Media Collaborations - Sept 2022
An in-person collaboration, where I was tasked with demo'ing Life Of Colours art supplies at the 2022 Reed Gift Fair. This involved me drawing for several hours over four days, using a variety of supplies, including paint pens, gel pens, brush pens, and gouache sticks, among others.
Etchr Lab
Social Media Collaboration - July 2021

In this collaboration, the brief was to try and review a sketchbook from Etchr Lab, culminating in an Instragram post/review. The brand was happy for me to pick my choice of subject matter and medium, which resulted in a very punchy chameleon design (you can never go wrong with a good chameleon).
Sunnycritters Kickstarter
Guest Artist Pin Designs - Feb/Sept 2022

Two crowdfunding projects which involved creating an enamel pin design for a particular character in the campaign. The unique physical medium of hard enamel pins had to be considered while designing the final concept, along with the allotted finishing technique of screenprinting. ​​​​​​​
NoIssue Co
Social Media Collaboration - Oct 2020

A gifted collaboration where free custom printed tissue paper was exchanged for an Instagram post. A repeating pattern design had to be created for this product, which involved the illustrations and colours to be closely tied to the Gremren brand, as this tissue paper would be used for wrapping shop orders.
Artistro Art Supplies
Social Media Collaboration - May 2021

A collaboration where art supplies (paint pens) were traded for an Instagram post/product review. There was no brief on what the subject matter or final post should be like, so it was quite fun to have a lot of creative freedom with this project.
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